Elevate Your Critical Thinking with Causality

by Quentin Gallea, PhD

Facts vs Fiction

Distinguishing between facts and fiction is crucial for making informed decisions and protecting oneself from manipulation. Unfortunately, this task is becoming increasingly challenging in the face of the overwhelming surge of information, where misinformation, deceptive articles, and outright lies abound.

Fact-checking isn't always practical, as it can be time-consuming and often assumes that there is a definitive "correct" answer available.

To combat this growing problem, THE CAUSAL MINDSET offers a versatile tool that can be used almost anytime and anywhere to uncover flaws in arguments and enhance decision-making. Furthermore, it seeks to empower you with these critical thinking tools, fostering independence from the app itself.

Key Applications

How does this App works?

Share a statement, a graph, or a reflection with the app and it'll apply the Causal Mindset Framework to dissect and question the validity of the claim (see the examples in the next section).

Goal of the App

Enhance critical thinking and analytical skills, helping users become more immune to misinformation and better equipped to handle the complexities of their professional and personal lives.


This App will not allow you to measure a causal effect but can guide you to understand limitations, what prevents you from measuring a causal effect in any situation and provide suggestions on the procedure to measure a causal effect in your case.

Initial Assessment

Tailored Deep-Dive

Based on the initial analysis, the app then offers more detailed exploration tailored to the specific role or needs of the user:

Examples snippet 

Example 1: I followed a fitness program for rowing for a month. I tested today and went faster. Is it thanks to the program?

Answer: The Causal Mindset helps to reflect on the difference in motivation (placebo effect or motivational bias), and other potential confounded effects (e.g. diet change, another part of the training, sleep, etc.), and suggest ways to approach a causal analysis.

Read the full answer [here] 

Example 2: In September 2022, Switzerland implemented an advertising campaign in favor of energy sobriety and observed a reduction in energy consumption after. Was it caused by the campaign?

Answer: The Causal Mindset notices the potential role of weather change, climate awareness, or energy price and suggests valid comparison to reduce and address these issues.

Read the full answer [here] 

Example 3: I saw a company that provides free electric scooters in city centers across Europe and claims that their service reduces pollution. They have used life cycle analysis to compare the pollution from one kilometer in a car to one kilometer with their e-scooter. 

Answer: The Causal Mindset highlights that free e-scooters might predominantly replace walking or public transport instead of car travel. Hence the net pollution reduction might be less than claimed or even negative.

Complete example 

The Causal Mindset's answer:

By considering these factors, we can avoid jumping to conclusions and instead appreciate the complexity of causality in this scenario.

Why Causality?

Understanding the concept of causality is crucial from fighting climate change, to our quest for happiness, including strategic decisions making. 

Causality is interested about relating cause and effect and answering “why?” and “what if?”. And in essence the biggest questions today relate to this concept. For example:

About the author

I dedicated my career to bridging academia and civil society through innovative teaching and research.  Beyond research, I taught statistics and causal inference to more than 10,000 people. over the last decade. More about myself on my personnal page.

The Framework behind the App

THE CAUSAL MINDSET is a set of practical tools inspired by statistics, and causal inference (the study of cause and effects), that I use to do scientific research, taught in academia and beyond.

I am currently finishing writting the book The Causal Mindset. You can sign up for the book updates here: Sign up

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